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“Baa” earrings

Auctioned exclusively at Sotheby’s Paris on October 29th


Nature has inspired the creation of this pair of earrings. They are almost cocktail rings, with volumes recalling the ‘90s, and they evoke the calmness and the purity of some untouched atolls, like the one called Baa that was designated as one of the Unesco World Biosphere Reserves in 2011 and that still contains a unique and extraordinary marine population.


In their simplicity, the two slightly squashed pearls weighing 15,30 carats, float in the center of a yellow gold decoration, radially “rigato” engraved, and dotted with triangular white gold shapes set with 40 diamonds weighing 1,80 carats.


A simple, yet impressive design, that speaks of a pure and linear beauty.



Designed by:

Gianmaria Buccellati


Handcrafted in 1998